What STAR Does

Inspections, Audit, Lab testing, Printing STAR inspection provides Quality control services across India.

Audits - Factory Evaluation

Factory Evaluation & Social Audit: Work with factories which have Capability, capacity and are compliant.

Know the exact position of Production factory in comparison to International and National labour laws and Ethical compliance.

All-inclusive pricing: $499* anywhere in India.


Product Inspections Have prior knowledge what is coming to you as shipment and avoid surprises and expensive claims by getting Inspection done of shipment prior leaving the country of origin- India. All shipments are done on the basis of Original approved samples

All-inclusive pricing:$199* USD in India.

Lab testing

Laboratory Testing We highly recommend Lab testing of your product are meeting the international and industry standards and compliance.

We work with all International Labs operating in India. We can book your sample with lab and follow up the testing results.


At STAR we understand the need of good quality Packaging required for export Packaging.

How do we worktogether?

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Send the email to us for the service you require or any query you have and we come back to you.

Any Testing required will done at the world’s leading lab operating in India.

You will have Detailed Inspection Report with Inspectors observations

Who requires out services?

All Buyers from a Single store to Multi store Multinationals who wants to know what quality of merchandise is coming to them in the shipment and not the surprises when merchandise reaches their distribution centre.

Star Inspection serves clients Buying Agencies in India who want to Source the Product but does not want to maintain a full quality control team for the Orders to be shipped out of India.

Product Inspections, Audits, Lab Testing, Printing of Barcode special packaging.

Star Inspection provides service of quality control.

We provide services in any production centre in India.

Complete Quality control solutions. Order inspections and get Inspection report on the same day of Inspection.