Product Inspections

STAR Inspection on site quality control Inspections of the product ordered by the buyer. All shipments are done on the basis of Original approved samples Pls use contact us feature of the site to start communication regarding service with us:

This meeting is done with factory to know the production plan and raw material, accessories etc they would be using and the inhouse dates of the material and then the first batch of production*

An Inspection done when 5% of the ordered items are in the factory we do Intro Inspection as that is when the Inspector compares the production with approved original samples and advises the client of the variations Observed*

Generally done for Big volume orders and / or special orders, an Inspector is posted at factory site and he will regularly during manufacturing till final product is made and will daily visit the site and make inspection report to ensure the final product is made as per approved production process material, finish, quality standard and production schedule as agreed. Charges Per man day $199*.

An Inspection done when 20% to 40% merchandise is inhouse and around 10% to 20% is packed Dupro Inspection starts with the start of Inspection and ends with 80% production is done(in case of Big orders).

The Inspector does the Dupro at the production factory site randomly selecting pcs from the finished, checked and packed pcs and gives detailed comments on the styling, size, shape, color / finish construction, and packaging.

This inspection is done to ensure that all production is as per the approved samples and later on there are no surprises waiting to happen.

In this also the Inspector generates a Inspection report as per AQL** and we send the same to you with observation of the Inspector.

This inspection is carried out when the 80% merchandise is packed and 100% shipment is packaging.

Inspector does a detailed Inspection as per the AQL** covering all items of the order for styling, size, shape, color/finish, functionality, performance, durability and package testing*

We provide this service also if you want to see the goods are containerised as per the plan you have handed over to the supplier and it is done accordingly with the required quantity. The Inspector will check as per the plan the style number and the quantity against it and the position in the container.

If you have big order, important order or time based order as per planned vessel shipping, we can do scheduled Dupro’s and apprise you with the actual status of the order and probable ship date.

The Inspector will raise the report for each Dupro’s conducted and if there are problems they will be shared with you and will give the probable solutions to you and then factory to make the shipment run smooth and there are no future surprises.*

Why use STAR, Inspection:

$199* all-inclusive per man-day

You can schedule the Inspection easily by writing to us the planned dates with some formalities to fulfil.

Plan changes – You can change an Inspection date a day before till 10.00 am Indian time and reschedule it as per your requirement.

Inspector makes a detailed Inspection report and puts all his observation into report so that you have all knowledge of what is coming to you as shipment.

**Acceptable Quality Level “AQL”

STAR, Inspection uses International AQL standard for the all product Inspections and can also work on the AQL suggested by the client.AQL is tolerance allowed to a samples size beyond which Defects will not be allowed.

With the detailed data the client can base a confirmed decision to accept or reject a shipment.

Product Expertise

We offer quality control services and Inspections by our experienced inspectors on all products and imports, including:

  • Furniture
  • Handicrafts and gift Items
  • Garment and Apparel
  • Toys and Juvinile Products
  • Houseware Products
  • Lighting
  • Sundries and Stationery
  • Printing and Packaging
  • Textile and Bags
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