Who we are and What we do::

Star Inspection Consultants known as STAR, provides Quality Control Services in India. Star started in India with a Mantra to give a professional and cost effective timely service for Inspections done in any part of India. The inspectors working in Star are all professional worked in Buying Agencies of all Major mass merchandisers to Boutique buyers and know the value of quality to the buyer.

Working Advantage::

With STAR, the buyers can plan Inspection in any part of India and get the report as soon as Inspection is over. All the Inspectors have Computer and Internet to reach back to the office after doing Inspection

Your Trusted representatives in Factory::

All the Inspectors in STAR, are experienced and have worked for Buying Agencies and know the job of quality control and work for the Buyer’s interest by honestly accounting for the observations made in the factory.

Adherence to Quality::

Inspectors before starting to work for STAR, are trained on the job and they are regularly monitored for the job they do. All the Inspectors are local and well versed with the customs and culture of the region.

Company Values::

STAR, gets work from the client and simply works for the client interest. Any or all information gathered during the Audit is sent in simple and clear language to the client may in respect to product or any issue noticed against the ethical practices – child labour / Discrimination etc.

Honesty, Integrity & Safety::

Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist is so true to the work we do. At STAR, we imbibe a culture of Honesty, integrity and trust in the Team.

No employee is allowed to get gift or favour for personal gain. Any employee found guilty is terminated with notice.

Conflicts of Interests are avoided and instances are looked into with greater detail.

All employees are directed to report instances of corruption with a clause of No Public divulsion of the person reporting the incidence.

We ask employees to quietly inform us of any violations of ethical engagements at vendor site and not make it loud for the safety of the employee.

Star believes in good, healthy environment within the company and promotes Team work for a healthy relationship between employees. We are against prejudice or bias in employees on basis of sex, caste or creed.

Quality Control Services Across India::

STAR, Inspection perform Inspections, Audits in India and Laboratory Testing as per Buyer can be done by Labs operating in India and follow up the results as well. For Authentic inspection results we require the Original or Approved Samples for the Products in the order.


An all inclusive Charges::

STAR, Inspection charges a day charge of all inclusive for product inspections and factory audits throughout India.

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