Factory and Social Audits

Know the factory compliances for the Product and the ethical practices (working conditions) and be aware then be surprised.

All-inclusive pricing: $499* USD anywhere in India.

Star Inspection is a quality control service provider which also conducts Factory Audits and Social Audits in India for all Buyers of the world importing out of India. We have trained Auditors who do factory and social audits only.\

Factory Audit is a thorough evaluation of the production facilities and organization structure to give details to the Buyer on capacity and capability of a product specific or as a whole capacity to produce a quality product on time.
An experienced auditor would conduct the Factory Evaluation with recording all the details of the factory in regards to:

  • Quality System: Quality policy / Purchase of raw material / Control of Non conforming products and their disposal. All records would be seen.
  • Factory premises and Factory boundary wall and its height and strength of the structure.
  • Machine list and the capacity of each machine with running schedule. All records would be checked
  • List of Products in Pipeline and Production. A complete record of shipped and still to be checked.
  • List of Products in Pipeline and Production. A complete record of shipped and still to be shipped would be made to give a data for buyer to base his decision.
  • Overall assessment of the Packaging area etc: The evaluator will look at the light, checking and packing facility at the factory. Departmental communication with all the different departments of the factory would be seen by looking at the records of such internal communication.
  • HRD – Role of HR from hiring to introduction to induction of the employee to his position. All trainings, understanding given to him for his new role in company.

Star recommends Factory evaluations to be done before the order is placed so that the as buyer you have a detailed factory profile with complete list of the facilities and machines working condition and most of all the company has internal system to support the facilities to produce your ordered product on time. Factory Evaluation gives you a clear picture of the factory with all data to decide to work with the Factory or choose other factory for production of your order.

Social Audit

Social audits are done to ensure the production factory is in compliance with providing hygienic working conditions, with all safety standards, labour laws and child laws are followed. Auditor from Star Inspection goes to the factory and walks through the entire factory looking through the facilities and records provided by Factory and noting all the details and then sends the observation to the buyer.
This is done to inform the Buyer where the Vendor stands out on:

  • Employment of Child / Prison / Forced Labor. Also does not Detains the Employees after working Hours without Employee’s Consent / or gives Employee Corporal / Financial Punishment.
  • Vendor is not biased on the basis of Caste / Creed / Sex / Religion gives fair chance to all Employees.
  • Vendor gives Fair Salary that is at Par /More than Local Laws of the State.
  • Also Vendor pays the Salary for the Overtime as per Local Law.
  • Safety Measures for Employees working on Machines

Consultancy for CTPAT Compliance –

The Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a supply chain security initiated by US Customs and Border protection, for enhancing the security of the private companies to counter terrorism.

Star sends an auditor to the factory; the auditor visualises and screens the factory area and area around the factory and goes through various records maintained by factory. The area he assesses includes:

  • Factory entry gate and security at the gate and security of the premises.
  • Factory premises and Factory boundary wall and its height and strength of the structure.
  • He looks into the record of the ids submitted by the various persons entering the factory for supplying goods, meeting the staff, personal guest and drivers of the vehicles.
  • The factory staff hiring processes and is factory HR looking and verifying the past records.
  • Place for Container and container security and verification of the container driver.
  • Packed carton ready to ship area and factory staff responsible
  • Factory staff responsible for handling and controlling container seals.
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