Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why STAR, Inspection needs approved original reference sample?

The approved original sample is needed by Star Inspection is for the reference to be used by Inspector for style, size, shape, color / finish, feel, layout, function at the time of doing Inspection.

To send samples pls refer to send sample address box* Hyper link to address box

Q. Why use STAR, Inspection:

$199* all-inclusive per man-day

You can schedule the Inspection easily by writing to us the planned dates with some formalities to fulfil.

Plan changes – You can change an Inspection date a day before till 10.00 am Indian time and reschedule it as per your requirement.

Inspector makes a detailed Inspection report and puts all his observation into report so that you have all knowledge of what is coming to you as shipment.

Q. Have you got your Inspection Report format & AQL or you will want us to use the format and AQL of Star Inspection.

We can send you for your reference our format and AQL (after formalities are done) and you can decide.

Q. When an Inspector reaches the factory and finds the shipment conditions incomplete?

The Inspector will do the regular inspection and not abort the shipment and create a report as per the available AQL size and the condition will be informed to the Buyer with report and status of the shipment.

Q. Is there a Monthly or annual fee for Inspection?

Star Inspection charges per inspection charges and no Monthly or Annual fee is charged.

All inclusive pricing *

Q. What is Product Expertise?

We have specialized Quality control inspectors by Product.

Product Expertise

We offer quality control services and Inspections by our experienced inspectors on all products and imports, including:

Handicrafts and gift Items
Garment and Apparel
Toys and Juvenile Products
House ware Products
Sundries and Stationery
Printing and Packaging
Textile and Bags.

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