Guidance to Factories:

Preparation for FSC Audits:

We also provide a facility of Consultancy guidance to a factory to attain compliance as per the requirement of the FSC standards and make it ready for the FSC audit from an accreditations agency.

An auditor from Star goes to the factory and evaluates the systems, procedures, records and advises the factory’s concerned departments with all the requirements. The auditor then works with the factory and develops a system with processes and procedures. The factory required departments starts making the changes and start documenting the processes as per procedures keep the records of all documents as per the requirement of the FSC standards.

The guidance helps the factory to come in terms with the requirement of the FSC standards.

Consultancy for overall Factory compliance:

We also provide consultancy to the factories for over all compliance as per the buyer’s requirement. We explain the factory the need of a compliant factory to the buyer. We provide the factory all necessary documents specially designed as per the factory requirement. We train different department employees on the system and ensure they understand the importance of the system and their role in the system.

We train them on internal meeting, documentation among departments.

We give training from buying of Raw material and documenting it to putting the rawmaterial to production process to packing and final despatch.

Wherein the buyer can trace and link the Final product to the raw material.

Consultancy for Social compliance:

The consultancy is given to the factory for improvement on safe, hygienic, ethical, working environment of the factory.

Maintaining of Machine area with proper Safety one stop button on machine, proper shield and blade covers, eye glass, clean water to wash eyes, clutter free and timely cleaning of work area etc.

Proper eating place and water at the time of lunch.

Proper medicine and emergency preparations with trained team members to help.

Emergency and fire drills for safe escape at time of emergency.

Proper maintenance of personal files of employees are some points which we explain in depth for proper Social compliance.

Consultancy for CTPAT Compliance ::

The Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is an important compliance which factory to understand and comply with it.

The auditor from Star goes to the factory and assesses the overall security situation and looks at the records maintained by the factory and guides them to make a system which includes:

  • Securing the outer boundaries and lighting them.
  • Factory Gate and internal security.
  • Documents required to be furnished by the Guest / suppliers / Vehicles entering the factory premises and their drivers.
  • Factory employee security and past records.
  • Container security and documents to be furnished by the Container driver
  • Employee responsible for the Secure area where cartons are kept
  • Secure carton loading area and recording to be done at the time of loading of container.
  • Seals controls

Consultancy for developing a strong Quality System:

We also provide consultation for making a strong Quality system for the factory. The Auditor from the factory closely looks at the working of the factory and identifies the weak links in the chain of quality control. Then he makes the suggestions and designs quality hierarchy defining duties from Manager to checking supervisor to checker.

Making documents including daily packing report to daily checking report till final packaging of the order and Inspection of shipment by internal quality inspectors at various stages of production – first pc inspection to 5% production inhouse to 20% production inhouse to 40% production inhouse and 20% packed then 80% packed.

This document will also include testing of the product as per internal testing the product before producing bulk.

A Quality system which ensures, a good Quality shipment is shipped to the buyer.

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