Laboratory Testing::Product Testing

Star Inspection is a quality service providing company and recommends for a Lab testing for the product imported from India to the Buyers. To ensure the product is compliant of International and their own country of Import laws and matches the standards of the Industry.

Star Inspection can send the Test details required for your product and can book the product with the Test Lab or can send a Inspector to pick a pc for testing*

Some Test we recommend:

Food Products – Lead and leachable lead, cadmium.

Related test for Mercury.

If there any coating like Mother of Pearl on the Aluminium etc – Heat resistance and cross cut adhesion test.

Furniture, Decoratives with Lacquer or any other coating – Lead in surface coating,

Other Test we strongly recommend are CPSIA / Reach /RoHS

Package test :Transit testing, Vibration Test/ Carton corners Burst Strength / Drop Test.

For Textiles:

Color crocking - wet and dry.

For curtains effect of sunlight / wash cycles

Flame retardant etc are some of the Test.

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